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There’s nothing like tile flooring for your floors

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are perfect for every room in your home, with benefits and characteristics that will serve you well. Visually stunning and incredibly durable, tile also has a lifespan that means you may never have to shop for a floor covering again. There are many other reasons to consider these floors that we thought you should know about.

Tile flooring has something for everyone

Porcelain and ceramic are the two most common products in this flooring line and can be so similar; they are often mistaken for one another. However, there are a few differences that could make one better for your needs than the other. Porcelain often capitalizes on the rich, natural appearance of its 100% clay construction, with clear glazes that bring out the stunning beauty in every piece.

Ceramic is usually covered with beautifully colorful liquid glass glazes for attractive appearance options. These are the pieces most often used in mosaics, where visual diversity is required. Since the pieces can be cut into any shape or size, even as small as a postage stamp, it’s easy to create the specific look you want most.

Tile is an attractive option for all seasons. When placed over radiant heating, it can create a comfortable atmosphere in even the coldest winter while providing a cool touch in the summer months. If lack of softness is an issue, we recommend using runners or area rugs to give you the comfort you want and need.

However, one of the best characteristics of these floors is the extensive durability that protects against cracks, chips, scratches, stains, and all manner of daily wear. Even if you have pets and children, you'll see fewer signs of damage as the years' go by. Even if sections do take on some damage, you won't have to replace the entire room, but only the damaged tiles, for a shorter, more comfortable experience.

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At Eagle Flooring Outlet, we offer more than 30 years of flooring experience for your project of any size. We work hard to provide you with value and complete satisfaction, no matter what materials and services you require. Whether you need to floor a business or a home, we’re here to provide everything you need and more.

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